Dream of my Boyfriend Breaking Up With Me

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

This dream that I had felt so real and I felt the emotions. But, a little part of my mind could tell it wasn’t real. What I can remember is that I was playing a game with many other people involving camping gear (I remember giving the instructor a sleeping bag and a tent). I was on the phone with my boyfriend but I can’t remember what was said at that time. After I put my things in the middle I hung up the phone. Then, I can remember the scene switching to some guy giving me a ring and telling me to push a certain button to open a car door. Apparently I was doing a mission or something because I was supposed to lure in these guys to the open car.

As I was waiting for the men to come, my boyfriend calls and I answer. He’s explaining me something and I couldn’t really understand. Then, the men I have been waiting for come and I tell him I can’t do this and I hang up. Next scene. I remember seeing that I couldn’t access any social media that my boyfriend and I publicly show in pictures that we are in a relationship. Then when I can finally find his instagram there are pictures of him and another girl and I couldn’t see any of us. At this point I am freaking out and I try to call him. I remember him explaining something but I couldn’t remember what exactly.

What I do know, is that it was a big misunderstanding earlier when I hung up on him. I tried to explain that these guys were coming and I couldn’t be seen on the phone. Next scene. My boyfriend and I are paired up in some kind of obstacle course. We get through the finish line but when we stand next to each other on the podium, he offers a different girl a piece of his food. Next scene.

It’s night time and I am trying to explain to my boyfriend why this is a mistake then a snake comes out from no where and at first starts to go after him. After a while of being gone the snake comes after me. I dodge and jump over things to avoid the snake. Finally, people come and the snake becomes smothered. Then, I try to run to my boyfriend in another room and I couldn’t find him. I run up this platform and seeing that he is really gone I start to bawl (this felt the most real to me).

Next scene. Apparently Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift become my friends and show me a lot of love and hug me and kiss my cheek when they see my boyfriend is across the room. Last scene. What I can remember is me riding off in a motorcycle and all of a sudden my boyfriend runs after and jumps behind me. We switch seats and now he’s in front and I’m holding him from behind. I remember the ride being bumpy. And then I wake up, feeling distraught and weird. I’ve had multiple dreams involving my boyfriend. Some good some bad. But the bad usually happen when I’m stressed. And as of now he is vacationing with his family for winter break in another state. Maybe that could affect why I had this dream?