Dream about my Soul and Angels

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EKaterina asked 9 months ago

I was in an airport and my flight was a couple of hours away so I decided to walk around. I stumbled upon an entrance to a water park. I entered to check if it is one and when i saw a lot of rides and water I turned back, but made the wrong turn.

After I found my way back a guy gave out to me for wearing shoes inside and was going to give me a red sticker so that I couldn’t enter the water park again for a couple of months. I said I don’t care because I didn’t want to deal with him, but next thing I know I’m talking to a child and he was making offers or something.

After I left I was on the rooftop with my best friend. Looking out were busy roads, then up ahead was a big mountain with trees on top, but in the middle there was a big pile of trees (as if the trees grew on top of each other like 50 metres tall). Since it was so tall the clouds covered the top of it.

I saw some trees floating up and disappearing into the clouds. I started nudging my friend saying ”look the trees are falling!” but she nudged me away saying she doesn’t give a f***.  I looked up again and now the trees were falling DOWN. There were some houses and a school under the mountain so all the trees fell onto the buildings.

I took out my phone and recorded it. I didn’t like the quality of the video so i deleted it. I nudged my friend again with ”LOOK! LOOK!” as she was turning around a veryyy big tree was falling and next thing I know the tip of the tree touched my hand. (it was really long considering the distance between where i was and the mountain”.

I began to record the tree with my phone but my friend got into my way. I put my phone down irritated and asked her if she could stop moving. I looked down at my phone and saw the reflection of a hole in the sky with clouds in rings. I looked up shocked and saw clouds with souls of lives lost from the school and houses rising into the sky with angels at the sides looking at them.

At this moment I felt like my soul left my body. It was such a shock for me that I went cold.
Angels were wearing white and looked calm. I don’t think they had wings? They were just floating. because they were going up into the sky the air was being sucked in so my best friend and i sat down but it was so strong we flew out of the roof falling down.