Dream About Foxes Eating Baby Animals

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Ingrid Coleman asked 11 months ago

I need help interpreting my dream.
I was walking in the woods on a trail and I remember the green leaves on the trees and the brown tree trunks. Then out of the bottom of a tree trunk I see some baby chicks running out. They looked like Canadian Geese chicks. I see their mother running out behind these chicks. I stopped to watch them run and I felt the feelings of happiness and love. Like the oh, that’s so cute feeling. But then 2 foxes came running up and starting eating the baby chicks.

There was one black fox and one reddish brown fox. I felt feelings of panic and I run to the foxes to scare them away from the chicks. I felt a little scared but I still ran up to the foxes trying to stop them from eating the baby chicks. I remember looking around for a stick or something to swing at them but I found nothing. I yelled and waved my arms at the foxes. The foxes seemed scared of me but they continued to eat the baby chicks as I watched in horror. I felt helpless and wanted to cry. The foxes would move away from me but would not run away from me.

I remember looking at the black fox and now I see it eating a raccoon. It was in it’s mouth and struggling to get out of the fox mouth. I looked around and now a possum had joined the foxes in eating the baby chicks. I remember the possum hissing and being very aggressive towards me. I did feel scared of the possum because I did not want to get bit. None of these animals chased me or bit me in my dream. I remember chasing the animals and when they stopped running, then I would stop running. I remember the animals not stopping eating of the baby chicks. I felt very defeated that I could not stop the animals from eating the baby chicks. That is all I can remember and I woke up.

Now just to give a little background on my life at this moment: I got married last January and the father of my son from a previous relationship is trying to take custody of my son. I’m currently in a bitter custody battle with the courts. I’m having a lot of stress about this and fears of losing my son. I’m also considering a major life change with moving to another country to be closer to my husband’s family. So I don’t know if this dream has anything to do with the events going on in my life. I need help interpreting this dream. Thank you so much for any opinions on this.