Dream About Ex Boyfriend and I Being Miserable Without Each Other

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago

in my dream, I return to my ex boyfriend’s apartment to retrieve the stuff I had left behind. (This is an extremely fresh breakup by him.) I notice that he already has it packed in 2 boxes. As I walk into the room, I notice a few things- his new girlfriend (in real life) has her blanket there, along with a cream colored antiqued nightstand with a tv on top, a jewelery box, and a large paper drawing taped to the wall (which I immediately rip down out of anger.
In her side of the closet, it’s mostly empty except for a candyland boardgame and a few small misc items. I even notice a different smell in the room, nothing bad, just a new person smell. It feels like she hasnt fully moved in yet.
Back in the livingroom, I am looking through the fridge when my ex appears. I notice lots of pepsi cans in the fridge and ask why- he says (softly) that she has been craving it during her pregnancy. (I’m shocked) He also mentions that she gets incredibly irritable if she doesnt get what she wants. He voice kinda trails off and I get the impression he is sad. The dream ends
What can i make of this? Our breakup is 2 months ago, he jumped right into another relationship and i’m still single