Dream about another man while in a relationship

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Catherine asked 2 weeks ago

Ok so I will put you guys in context. Since I was in high school I and this boy, who I was also considering to be my best guy friend, had an on and off relationship until we graduated. That was 7-8 years ago. Every time we tried getting into a relationship he could never give me “enough” so that is why it always ended.

We were still close friends until about 2 years ago (I am now 25), we just slowly grew apart. He is now in the army so we barely talk. Even before that, he moved to another city so that is when we really stopped talking. I wasn’t mad about it or anything because like I said we just grew apart.

Fast forward to now, I am currently in a relationship of and it’s going super well, we are buying a house soon (just to explain how serious this is). Last night I had a dream that this other guy wanted to get in a relationship with me and said to me exactly what he was going to work on to make it work … In the dream, I didn’t cheat because I was in a relationship (with my actual boyfriend).

BUT in the dream, I told the guy that couldn’t be with him NOW because I had a boyfriend but that I had to tell my boyfriend that I wanted to be with him (the OTHER guy) …..????!!! What does that mean .. I’m really confused.