Dream about an exes mom

Senaida Rosas asked 2 years ago

The dream started off pretty normal I was visiting a house that randomly had an elder woman in a wheelchair in it I feel like it was my grandmother because shes in a wheelchair but at the same time I never saw her face (she wasn’t even in the dream except for in the beginning and ending when we left and I passed her on the way out).

Anyway when I entered it was a store where I brought ice cream. I paid for my cup of ice cream and walked into another part of the store where i sat down on a couch and I saw someone I am dealing with now (A girlfriend if you will) but she’s being off with me like when I say something to her she doesn’t respond but I know she hears me because Im getting vibes that she is ignoring me and I’m standing right in front of her then all of a sudden a few of my exes started popping up. Like exes from my middle school days (wtf). They were very sexually aggressive like following me around trying to take pictures under my skirt and what not but I wasn’t scared or nervous I was laughing and just casually walking around.

Finally I ended up leaving but before I left I said goodbye to the person I’m in a situation with and again shes being off with me and didn’t respond so i asked if she was going to say bye back and she did but in a i don’t care type of way (if you know what i mean) so I walked away but yelled okay we don’t [email protected]!$ with each other no more bye, [email protected]#.

When I left out the house I began dancing and enjoying myself but felt like eyes were on me and I feel like that’s why I was dancing (I have a habit of always thinking people are watching me so I have to act normal or look pretty while I’m doing something normal) and then I was in a group that was of my mother, her best friend, and a young cousin of mine. We began heading towards another destination and started moving up the street if it matters it was on my left we started walking and it was black like the entire street seemed well lit up except for the path/sidewalk we were going up.

We bumped into people I couldn’t even see because how dark it was (Literally looking like shadow people) They didn’t bother us but my mom started cussing for no reason and being aggressive? towards them or the air I have no clue. They weren’t standing in our way they were in the grass and we were just passing them but then out of no where my dog came and ran into the darkness near them and my mom ran after her but that’s when I woke up before we even made it to the next destination.

Questions you might have

1. Yes it was a house on the outside when we first entered but then it was like a store when we went inside. 2. The interior was like store then when you went through this door it was a sitting place of couches and through one more door was like machines you get ice cream from.

3. I am dating the girl in real life but it doesn’t feel like a relationship we barely talk because of our schedules

4. I’m a virgin

5. When I left out of the house/store it was night time and the lights were of course street lights.

6. My mom is the one who told me her best friend was waiting for us in her car to take us somewhere if you were wondering where she was in the entire story.

7. The exes in the dream I don’t care for in present day I haven’t seen or heard about them in years.

They were more of those guys I felt bad for when they asked me out so I said okay then like 2/3 weeks later we would split up. That’s it. What does it all mean?? I have never been soooo confused was it just one big random dream I have nothing to worry about or does certain parts have meanings behind them?