Dream about a tall green man

Melinda asked 1 year ago

The dream begins as I am approached by this grizzly bear standing up walking on two legs. He was wearing an apron and asked me if I was hungry? I politely responded yes he gave me this bowl and filled it with this jelly like substance. I asked him what it was he laughed loudly and answered why it’s mana.

Then this crane bird lady kept asking me are you pregnant I replied with a quick no. That’s when this tall green skinned man wearing dark blue/green hooded robe. He held my hand up and pricked my finger one small drop of blood showed three symbols on this screen. 1.) a red dragon 2.) a blue Phoenix  and 3.) a orange fiery mained lion.

The tall green man pulled me into a hug as I tried to ask him what does those images meant. The tall geen man had only 3 fingers and one thumb i could tell as they were wraped around my back. He was kind as well as gentle during the blood test it felt like a small prick but there was no pain.

The images on the screen made the crane lady look at me in shock an surprise and the grizzly bear humanoid smiled as if he were filled with happiness and pride. The tall green gentleman patted me on the head as he was leaving I shouted PLEASE Tell me what do the symbols mean. Looking at his back he said you will know in time. The voice he had could make any woman come out of menopause. It was stern but kind his voice.

.  I want to know what the 3 symbols mean : Red Dragon. Blue Phoenix. Fiery maned Lion.   I feel I must know because it came from my blood in that dream.