Don’t answer this if you’re homophobic or transphobic

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Sky asked 2 weeks ago

I dreamt about my ex-girlfriend. (We’re both biologically female but I identify as gender-fluid, and currently more on the male side.) It was post break-up in the dream, and we were just talking. She had her dog with her. (In reality, a chocolate Labrador, in the dream, a Siberian husky which is my favourite dog.)

We were just talking, and then decided to go to my house with some of my friends. We had a little bit of an argument (We never argued in real life. Ever. I broke up with her because she was falling for me and I wasn’t feeling as strongly as she did.) But it was resolved quite quickly. I remember thinking in the dream that we should get back together.

I do miss her but I don’t think it would be wise for us to get back together in real life. She decided to have a shower, and so she goes onto the adjoining bathroom (suddenly we are in the bedroom I used years ago – which doesn’t have an adjoining bathroom although there is only a wall between that room and the bathroom.) I glance through the crack in the door (not in a weird way, just to make sure she’s ok.) And she’s got a towel around her chest, just under her shoulders.

I think I should look away to keep her privacy and then suddenly I see my part-time science teacher. (Backstory on on him – last year he was 75%, this year he’s 25%. I once saw him going into the girls toilets at our school and that was sufficiently creepy to last a lifetime. I don’t know why he was in there; it could’ve been perfectly ok. A few months later he almost walks into our changing rooms WHILST WE ARE OBVIOUSLY STILL CHANGING. I’ve always been a little creeped out my him since the first incident. I’ve never massively hated him but he’s never been one of my favourite teachers.)

He walks up to her and reaches out; I think he’s just going to tap her on the back to say “I’m here, sorry for walking on on you, I’m not a pervert just needed the toilet.” But instead he reaches for the towel and pulls it off. She half turns around but then the door shuts and I can’t see or hear anything I still don’t know how he got into this bathroom. I decide for some reason not to say anything, although after a while, I say “Why isn’t the water running?” And my friend goes “Yeah.” I say “Do you think she’s ok?” When said science teacher walks in through my bedroom door.

Suddenly we are all just wearing towels except from him, he’s still wearing clothes. Now I have massive dysphoria about my chest and I tend to wear a binder. He just sort of stands there and then reaches for my towel. I jerk away and scream “No! You B*st*rd!” He just shrugs and walks out. A second later he tries to walk back in and I’m struggling to hold the door shut and keep my towel up.

The rest of this is a little hazy but I’ll try and explain as best I can. I’m shouting at my two friends to call the police, but suddenly they are not there. I try to call them but my phone won’t work. Then it starts working and I call the police but then I wake up. I feel really guilty about my ex-girlfriend. I know it didn’t really happen but I don’t know what he did to her. I should’ve called the police sooner. I also don’t know where the dream would’ve lead had I not pulled away.