Don Quixote Modern version?

Katakuna asked 1 year ago

I’m in a place talking to a teenager I don’t know where but to get me a horse to ride to the fronts of a war. The place had green landscape a farm and there are lots of pine trees I found myself on a valley for sure as I could see mountains. I talk to the teenager asking for a horse I tell him why I needed it so he got me a white one and let me go,  as I ride I realize I have a Blue suit and a revolver (wild West style).

I ride between the pine trees and find myself with my horse in a  place where  I almost everyday walk pass but I see a black creature protecting the place and I just need to pass the place to continue my journey. As I get closer I realize that the creature have a owner and I let my white horse fight it,  as they fight I see the creature kill my horse as I’m on the back.

The horse gets grabbed by the neck and dies  While the creature took it on the neck I realize what animal it was an aggressive gorilla then as my horse die,  the gorilla strives to attack me I dodge the gorilla punch and get close to stab it multiple times with a knife.

As the treat dies the owner,  a girl I can’t remember who or know her,  gets angry at me but I tell her my cause and that my horse is dead because of the fight she starts to realize and want to forgive me but she said that what happened couldn’t be forgotten so she recommended me to a guy sitting a few yards away telling me he can help us because we can forget,  get a new slate (new beginning) so I shake his and and ask for help to get to the front.

Out of nowhere people show up start a ritual for marriage where me and the gorilla master are sitting and the people pour their body liquids on us sexual stuff happens here,  as I look up I see a same genders part and I get a drop in my mouth I feel disgust start to spit out out I’m in a uncomfortable position next thing I know is that I’m angry at myself that I didn’t do anything and that I’m in some else’s home a Vila and try to wash my suit and mouth. I wake up…

Not my dream
Bam, I wake up trying to spit out the drop that fell in my mouth. I woke up because of all the uncomfortable stuff.
What is the meaning of this? Am I homophobic

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glen answered 1 year ago

Part of the interpretation will depend upon your perception of teenagers, something impossible for me to know.  It is implied that you possibly believe them to be somehow less, so we\’ll go with that.
You are in a place where you are protected by righteousness, and even some leaders.  You can see communion with your God in the distance, and you look for power to fight, and are given righteous power.  Your role is one of communing or receiving revelation, and your words have some power.
You assume your power (or possibly ministry) will take down the stronghold of the enemy, and fail to yourself take it down until you have lost your ministry.  But you then successfully remove the stronghold by choosing your words carefully.
(What is next is unclear to me without interacting with you a bit.)  It is possible that you make friends with one around misplaced mercy rather than common ground you have with him, and the enemy will immediately attempt to use that to unequally yoke you to someone who should NOT be a close friend.

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