Demonic dog

J.c asked 1 year ago

Was in a college of sorts, i went to the bathroom and someone wasnin the stall, when the stall opened a random person came out.

I went in and the stall had multiple openings, and i didnt locl the opening behind me and someone came in as i started to pee, i said “really man” and they apologized and left.

I started to pee in a huge volume, suddenly my right leg couldnt support me and i started slowly falling, as i hit the ground i was still peeing and was sliding down a ramp, i was wearing a beige suit trying not to get covered in it.

I noticed at some point that my urine had blood in it. As i noticed that someone came in the bathroom, and thay stall became like a cafeteria, and everyone came in.

A manager frok my store named melissa was there and i kept shouting for people to call the ambulance. No one would for a little while but eventually they came.

As the ambulance came i was feeling better but wanted to leave from embarrassment, but they said they needed to fix their car, so we sat on the street for awhile.

All the ambulance drivers except one disappeared,  i started to follow the last driver to the car, as an extremely ominous dog came and chased us, the driver had disappeared. (The dog had flat red eyes almost like buttons without holes in the middle, extremely sharp teeth, the body was primarily black, but its face had spots of white and red on the ears)

I didnt think much of the dog until i walked forward toward a house with 4-5 people sitting in it, it was in my old neighborhood. I then took extreme caution if the dog as i sensed its bad intentions, and its extremely evil look.

There was a nice dog there that seemed to try and scare the evil dog away by barking, the good dog had blue eyes. One of the people at the house were boasting about how psychotic the evil dog was and it was very evident.

The evil and good dog left the house for a bit and suddenly the good dog came back bleeding profusely,  i tried to exit the house (it had a wrap around deck) but the evil dog cut me off, so i closed the door and ran to the other side.

This had repeated about 3 times until i realized a back way i could take, i vaulted over a ledge and left the house, looking back i could see the evil dog looking for me, it was half a block away and running to the left.

I continued my way down the opposite way of the street (in the neighborhood i grew up in)

The scene changed (it seems unrelated all together)

But i was on a highway and i see 2 crashed cars, i see someone go in between them so i try the same scrtching the side of mine badly.

The person causing the wrek tried to flee, so i chase him coming to an overpass (its cold out) a man who called himself “bon ross” was there selling tickets to the indoor overpass saying “trust me you dont want to go to the outside overpass”

There were a cluster of people there, the tickets were 17 cents each so i offered to pay for the womens tickets, and they all started hitting on me relentlessly.

End of dream.