Demon dog, tasmanian devils

Miranda Brown asked 8 months ago

The dream: home setting, my mom has seen, and present. Children two boys around but not seen, a black Rottweiler,  another dog whose features cannot be recalled although it breathed fire into black dogs mouth to which looked like transference of hellfire because black dog didn’t die but more so held fire in throat that as watching this it seemed to be similar in appearance to Dante’s inferno and the levels of hell. The other dog then was seen no more.

The black Rottweiler, always in sitting position unless helping me run out the Tasmanian devils invading my house from the air vents under the house which had direct leads to dirt tunnels from there no duct work. Transition to after running off tas.

Devils out front door black dog sits in recliner facing me in kitchen starts making growling bark, with glowing red eyes and some black ooze liquid bleeding from its mouth, I took this as aggressive warning but it’s contorted face and ability to hold fire in mouth brought foreboding and fearful feelings although through while dream I had off sense of dog I was not in fear until the end…