Death of my Innocence

Lacey Walsh asked 12 months ago

I had a dream last night that I was at my grandmother’s house and my mother was mowing the lawn for her. She had my brother and I ride in the back, making me feel like I was actually in a wagon rather than a lawn mower. I remember looking at the long grass and thinking it was about time that we started mowing, when suddenly I began noticing that the grass was filled with ducklings, kittens, and small bunnies. I became worried, because my mother did not notice them, and the Animals didn’t seem to notice her either. I began trying to move the animals out of the way, but they did not seem to want to move. my mother seemed oblivious to my efforts. I reached down and picked up a ginger kitten, and held it close to me while I cried over the many animals that I couldn’t save. My Mom finally noticed my tears, and when she asked me what was wrong, I told her that she was killing innocent animals. She rolled her eyes like she didn’t believe me, but she stopped mowing anyways. When we went back to the garage to park the lawnmower, and there were three children knocking at my grandmother’s door. The neighbor across the yard asked where my parents were, and my mom came out to talk with him. As she was doing so, I saw my other neighbor already in the house. I tightly held onto my kitten as I went into the house, shooing the little ones away. My brother was with me, and I felt safe knowing that due to my brother’s height and build (6’4″ 240 lbs) this neighbor would not harm me. With this knowledge, I began berating him for coming into my grandmother’s house uninvited. While I do not remember the words that I used, I remember feeling that not only was I justified in my actions, but that my brother was proud of me for being so confrontational about my feelings.

I wish I had more of this dream, but I don’t recall anything after this scene.
In Waking Life, I was having a conversation with a friend about my grandmother’s place not being a place I would want to visit in my adulthood due to Childhood trauma that occurred there. Similarly, I have recently ended things with a man I still love who happens to have a ginger cat that I miss terribly.
I would like to know is why my mother or my brother showed up in my dream, along with any other information that might come from the details of my dream.