Dead baby

Himani singh asked 1 year ago

So at first I’m walking in this hospital which seems like a lab with all the cool stuff. Then I see on the left of me is two baby type of beds with the lid and all. The first one had something written on it but I can’t remember it. Below that signboard was a baby which is supposedly “mine” in the dream. So the doctor who looks like a scientist gives me the baby and it is smaller than my palm and is cold and blue so I think the baby’s dead but doctor doesn’t say a word. Then in the front there was a lab table with  two  white colored stands.

He puts these two stands opposite to each other and joins another tube from the top of the stand and this blue type of Ray is switched on. Till this time the baby was in my palm and the doctor finally asks for the baby. I give it to him and he keeps it on the blue ray thing. I look at the left and read the other signboard above the second bed and it reads “fertilizing baby” and there is a baby probably a few months old who is chubby being fed something white which I believe is sperm because it was being fed with a condom. After seeing that I turned back and I see the baby is gone.

I look to my right and there suddenly appears a food stall inside the lab/hospital. I order a soup and when I got the soup, there was half part of the baby cut and kept in it. Then we (I was supposedly with some other people) shouted at the person and she says, “according to our research eating dead baby are very good for us and give high protein” and I woke up wanting to vomit.