Dead Baby Dream

Arlene Ogles asked 1 year ago

I have been having dreams of babies for about 2 months now, i am 60 years old so it isn’t me having a baby i’m dreaming of. About a week before Thanksgiving i dreamed i was holding my grandson and i dropped him. He died because of me dropping him and in my dream son in law starting CPR at once. I thought he was to rough with the baby. I was crying and screaming in my dream.. I wouldn’t tell and haven’t until now spoke out loud about that dream.. 2 weeks later my granddaughter told me she was pregnant. I am terrified of even thinking of holding the baby when it comes.. Then week after her telling me she was pregnant i dreamed someone had twins.. Please help me understand these dreams. It is literally making me ill thinking i could possible hurt her baby, or any baby.