Crush transformation

Lily asked 1 month ago

I had a dream that I was at a conference sitting next to my best friend. There was an empty chair next to us. In the distance sitting in a chair on the other side of the room we saw my crush for the past four years. He got up and started coming thirds us. “Oh my God look”, my friend exclaimed. We got up went behind our chairs and started to talk.

Then we heard him say, “please.” For whatever reason there was a plastic bag that wasn’t there before. I quickly picked it up and he sat down. He pulled out a note that I had written to myself in last year saying how I wanted to work up the balls to tell him I liked him. Which someone gave to him. He also the note I put in his locker telling him I liked him. “I think these belong to you.”, he said. I took them and put them in  my backpack. “I have teliconosis.”he said.  “ Don’t have much longer.”

I hugged him for what seemed like half an hour. When I let go we were standing up and he was Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones from Riverdale. “You know want to do”, he said. I gave him an even longer hug. Then everyone else from Riverdale came and gave him his serpent jacket and walked away I turned around and my crush was right there. I gave him a long hug and started crying. That’s when I woke up.

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