Creature/human with soil ingrained skin

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Anna asked 1 year ago

I dreamed that a blackened creature, (skin ingrained with soil) which had a similar form to a human being, dug it’s way out of the ground in front of me, I was frightened but the creature came to me whimpering and put its arms around me and I, in turn, reciprocated, a group of men arrived and told me that I was lucky not to be attacked as the creature has been violent in the past, they took it away.

I reappeared sometime later but the blackness had been washed off and it was a man who apologised for frightening me!!!

2 Answers
Ana (with one N lol) answered 1 year ago

I’m new to dream interpretation, but it seems to me the creature coming from the ground (with soil on it), represents something you’ve buried deep down. Perhaps something that scares you and you don’t want to confront. However, the dream suggests that confronting it will be a source of healing for you (hence the mutual consoling). The men saying you are lucky is maybe a sign that confronting this buried fear could have potentially caused you a lot of trauma (emotional and otherwise) yet you were able to heal instead. Once you overcame this hurdled, it no longer needed to be around (shown by the men taking it away). When it returns later as a man, it may symbolize that this deep buried fear you had was a natural human vulnerability that you probably magnified to the point of it becoming a monster (when it was no such thing all along). Hope this helps 🙂 

Pete answered 12 months ago

It seems to me that the whole dream is about a relationship you have with a man.  You are ambivalent about the relationship.