I was contacted about my ex wanting to talk to me

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I was at a cousin’s home and we were preparing dinner. This cousin is older than me and we do not have a close relationship. She is very quiet and kind. She is a librarian, but in the dream she did something with cell phones. In the home she had numerous activated cell phones that were not particularly being used by anyone.

I only recall myself, my husband, and my oldest daughter being there. This leaves out 3 of my children from the dinner. Anyway, a cell phone rings and I am hesitant but I pick it up and I am speaking with an older lady. Next to me at this moment is my cat. Hr is sitting on the side table where the phone was sitting.

Immediately I am aware without her telling me, that my ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago has somehow wandered to a city we once visited together. That he has burnt all his bridges and has no one to turn to, so he went to these two older women who run a bed and breakfast. This is my awareness in the dream, not a real life occurrence. We never took a trip together or stayed anywhere. I had the visual of him very sickly and sweating profusely.

The woman asks if I would like to speak with him. I hesitate an say yes, not knowing if I should walk outside or into another room for privacy. We had a terrible break up, but have spoken since with no ill feelings.

I walk out onto a back porch and the woman tells me he is coming to the phone, but is in terribly bad shape and it is taking quite a long time. She just keeps assuring me he is approaching the phone. I am getting more and more anxious about why he would want to speak to me. I am unsure of what exactly I can do for him.

My daughter comes to tell me dinner is ready. I hesitate and am still being assured by the woman that my ex is coming to the phone. Then my husband comes and tells me that dinner is ready. I hesitate and then hang up the phone.

I go back inside and tell the story to everyone. My cousin just asks me if I used her phone. I say yes and she says she meant to have that one cut off. We then beginning sitting at the table and I awake.

Recently in the past week I have been putting much effort into soul searching my life’s purpose. I have been on a journey for many years, but itis no culminating in the recreation of my business. I did recently have my ex (maybe a week ago) come up on people I may know on Facebook. He has a few lies that I know are lies, but no one else on his page. Like saying he was in college the years we were together.

He never attended college. Other than that, he is still with the same girl and has a family. Our relationship was the first I had after a very abusive one. He was a doll and really built back up my spirit and confidence. He had some teenage porn issues and I had a daughter, so I chose to leave precipitously before my daughter grew into a teenager. There were some other weird things like staring, missing bras, and masturbation issues as well.

I am happily married to my soulmate and we have a beautiful relationship and family. I have had premonition dreams before and my first interpretation is to contact him to tell him to see a dr, but then I am uncertain if there is some other unconscious things at play here.