I am constantly having dreams about my ex boyfriend

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Maribela asked 1 year ago

I’m currently going through a breakup and I keep having dreams about my ex. It happens almost every night. This has been going on for over 2 months. I listen to music, watch videos, and listen to podcasts to try not to think of him so I don\’t dream of him. But, nothing seems to work.
The ones that keep happening is that he’s with other girls (usually the same 3 girls) and they are all people that I’d get jealous over.

It always ends the same way him laughing at me and kissing her in front of me. I keep waking up crying. These dreams began to stop but the next dream was I was with his sisters hanging out with them somewhere outside, but the whole time it was too hard to see the background and barely their faces. I kept begging them to not tell him that I was with them. I then woke up once he entered into the dream. The last thing I heard in that dream was him whispering my name.

My most recent dream with him was, I was having a party at my aunt’s house. (A backstory about this house is, we were house sitting the house and that was one of the last times I was with him. The other time was at school but we didn’t talk because he broke up with me at this time.

But the last real time I saw him was when we walked around downtown but ended our time together at a park where he expressed his feelings to me.) I was with my best friend who got him and I to start talking and we went into the bedroom where him and I slept in and all of a sudden he came up behind us. My friend and I were holding onto each other because she didn’t want me to talk to him. He then tried to break up our grip on each other when I let go and hug him.

While we were hugging he was telling me the last things he told me to my face, “Mari I love you and I won’t ever let you go. Trust me, I’m not going anywhere.” After he said all this I woke up out of breath as if it was a nightmare. I was crying and shaking and I don’t know what to do because I can’t ever sleep good now.

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