Constant dreaming about my ex

Alex asked 9 months ago

So my ex and I were together for about 9 years. I’m honestly not even sure how we made it that long considering how up and down it was. Anyways, after being pulled in so many directions I was forced to finally leave even though I didn’t want to.

I mean I love the guy but my self-respect deemed that I leave so I left. It’s been really hard coming to terms with all this, he’s all I can think about which sucks when you’re trying to get over someone. So, I’ve been having a bunch of dreams about him and I don’t typically remember my dreams but I’ve been remembering them when he’s in it.

This morning I had a dream I had picked him up from jail (he’s never been to jail) and we stopped at a gas station and while we’re walking he’s talking about his best friend (it’s a girl) and how great she is and she’s pretty, so I get kinda closed off and walk away. Next thing I know he starts going the other way and starts running from me so I’m trying to catch him basically.

That dream was pretty short and sweet. Another dream I had was sexual, leaving me feeling very empty when I woke up. Another dream I had we were at a party and we just kept looking at each other all night long. No words. Nothing was exchanged, just our eyes.

If anyone has any insight that would be great! I’m really trying to get over this guy but dreaming of him is making it harder.