Confused in my dream

Malibu asked 8 months ago

I have had two dreams within a week of my dad, he’s been dead for 4 years now. The first dream I was at a house that I have never seen before but in my dream, it was my current boyfriend’s house. My dad and I were outside and I was holding this weird propane burner and it was burning so intensely that it caused me to lift up off the ground well my dad laughed and grabbed my foot to pull me down he never said anything.

I went back into the house and was sitting with my boyfriend and his mom, who is still alive in real life and lives with us, just walked in the bedroom and started talking about bills. Well, the second dream I had last night I was at a trailer that I know of in real life and my childhood friend that I haven’t talked to in years and her children came to see me. She and my dad were close when we were younger, my dad was in the front yard playing with the kids smiling but still saying nothing.

I went inside to find a movie for the kids to watch, I found Casper, which was mine and my dad’s favorite,  all of the sudden a man walked in which I do not know in real life and really didn’t recognize in my dream until he hugged me then a young teenage girl hugged us both and said ” she has yellow teeth” he said ” who your mom”? She said ” yes I didn’t expect her to look so old” they were talking about my friend. I hugged them both then we walked out of the room and I woke up Apparently my friend was my boyfriend’s daughters mother which she had never met.