Confused about my boyfriend and sister hooking up in dream

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Brianna Rodan asked 1 year ago

I just had a dream that my boyfriend and sister was coming to to one another! While I’m my dream I caught him letting her go from a sexy all hug. When I asked her whats going on. She caught an attitude and said “you think that’s the first time that happen ” he put his bottom lip between mine and grab my butt!” I was so hurt and angry! I immediately ran to him and started being aggressive.

Then my dream jumps to me and my sister walking down the street back to our house and as she “walks across the street” I walked into our house but by the time i get up stairs she’s already laying in bed next to my boyfriend! I asked “what is going on” she immediately answers and says “nothing!”

Now as she rolls out on my bed quickly she scoots her pants down a little for him to look and he gestured “mmm hmm!” I smacked his mouth as i was coming to awake! When i woke up I was breathing so rapidly my chest was hurts and i got teary eyed!!! Not to mention this is the second dream I’ve had between my sister and my boyfriend but a different scene!

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