Chasing Dream that happened

Heena asked 11 months ago

I was at some place i dont know it was 5 in the morning but dark outside.I was there stuck in a place a huge mansion trying to escape with 2 of my friends.I dont know how we escaped but we escaped the place and were running on the road i had a felling someone is behind us but i was not seeing the face.Then someone suddenly came out from a shop and try to harress us but we punched him in stomach and escaped to a palce unknown which was a very old and had huge gates until we reached there it was morning and sun was out around 6 am. and suddenly i called one of my friend which was set as my emergency contact but in reality he is just a good friend and we dont talk personally a lot but i like him and wish he talks to me.It is hard to interpret because the friends who were with are my office colleauges and we never hangout like that late. Then finallly the guy came with his bike which he actually has and i also recognized his clothes but then suddenly i woke up. The friend i called is the last person among my group i would call i have a lot many good friends than him.So unable to interpret which it actually indicating.

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