Chased by killers in my house

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I began to wake up (while I’m in the dream) I get up its a Saturday and it’s about midday I get a call and its someone I never heard before, I ignored them and put the phone down my mom was sitting in the chair. She said nothing to me.

After a little bit (don’t know how long) I saw a car outside naturally I got my pistol because it was an unknown car then they come in the door and tell me I have a only a little longer to live (this man was tall with dark hair and a leather coat with jeans) after a little while like he said he tried to kill me but he came at me slow and with no emotion, I ran to get bullets but all my bullets were to big for my .22 revolver they were 9mm bullets I tried loading into me .22

I loaded them in and eventually killed him and his friend my mom was still sitting doing nothing. I searched all over him and found a phone on him turned out he called another killer and this time when she arrived she was short, fat, and had red hair.

My mom then turned and said “no don’t do it” but in a monotone voice. I tried to shoot the woman with everything I could but the bullets didn’t pierce her skin I tried to beat her but she was invincible she eventually raised her gun and shot me my mother said “no don’t do it” but in a monotone voice and I died a little later I woke up.

in my life I am a clinically diagnosed sociopath, I lose my temper very easily with people my home life is ok my dad is in Seattle my mom and I are here we plan to move together in June my mom and I usually don’t yell at each other we don’t talk much though my life isn’t horrible or anything its just ok.

I’ll be honest I have no idea what this means at all I’ve never had a dream this intense before I just remember a feeling of rage like I wanted to kill everybody but a feeling of helplessness because I couldn’t do it.