Chased by Father

Luke asked 1 year ago

I had a dream about My parents. In my dream, my father was mean to me as far as talking about me in front of me. We were in a house we used to live in, and something or the other had happened, and the deodorant.. thing,(Which was shaped like a handheld soap dispenser) was empty.

I was feeling alright at the time, but as I examined the soap dispenser I opened the top and started mocking my father for not knowing how to open it; much less fill it back up. I’m just mocking him at this point. Everything looked normal in the house; The house was painted cream-colored which was odd because the walls (last time I saw them in real life) were as follows: dining room purple, kitchen room orange, living room yellow, and the rest cream.

Anyways, we both begin to curse at each other finally call him a Ba***rd.That ticked him off. He begins towards me, and I throw both the lid and dispenser at him, and that’s when the chase begins.He’s on one side of the kitchen, and I’m on the other, we both begin to run; he continues to cuss as I stop cussing, and I start to feel the panic of course.

I go from the opposite side of the kitchen that he’s standing at, and run through the living room, utility room(Being where the washing machine and dryer is at), and then outside. I also need to note that both doors were closed before I opened them.