Chased and beaten

Donna Hughes asked 12 months ago

I dreamt I was being chased by two men; one had black hair the other had red hair. The red-haired man was very violent towards me. He would catch me, beat me and try to rape me. I would get away, and he would pursue me relentlessly. He wanted to kill me.

Then there was this large crowd of men and women that became involved in his pursuit of me.  They would throw food and various things at me, and would aide in catching me and giving me to the red-haired man.  Several times I would wake myself up crying and fall back asleep, and my dream would continue.

It was more chasing and beating me. The last time the red-haired man caught me he said he was going to stomp on my chest until he killed me. The dark-haired man had wanted to stop, but the red-haired man was determined to kill me.

I managed to get away and saw faint blue lights and ran towards them. A tall man got out of a car and told me not to be afraid. He was there to save me. He wasn’t dressed as a lawman, but he said he was one.

I am currently dealing with personal family issues concerning my daughter and her troubled with drugs and the law. I’ve also been ostracized and treated cruelly by family members. I also have some health issues at this time. So, suffice it to say, I’ve got a lot of things going on around me and with me!