Hay Fitzgerald asked 9 months ago

The dream started out fine; I was in the car with my mother, my sister and me. I was looking out the window looking at the everything we passed.

I remember seeing the gas station with two guys staring at the car as it passed one was in a police uniform, I don’t know if that’s important. Anyway, as we are going along, I remember looking at my phone it was March 12th at two something A.M. when suddenly two black motorcycles came out of a side street in front of us on continued straight while the other turned right, so he was driving ahead of us.

I remember smiling at the motorcycles and thinking they had cool bikes (for the last year and a half I have wanted to get a motorcycle when I’m older) (I am 16 and do not possess the ability to get one).

They had completely black “big bikes” or racing bikes which are meant for speed and agility but, this bike seemed to be going very slow. Then everything started to go crazy. It seemed we were going slow enough that a woman started to walk on the sidewalk along the side of the car yelling about something I don’t remember. Then an older man started to walk on the other side of the car (in the middle of the road) talking to my mom through her open window about if she was willing to give him a ride.

After a few minutes of this, the other motorcycle that had gone straight was suddenly next to the other bike which was still in front of us. The bikes at the same time stop and my mom slammed on the breaks. I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly my mom and sister were outside of the car with the two motorcyclists, the old man, the women and the man that had been at the gas station (the other guy not the uninformed police one.).

The gas station man was holding my younger sister back. While the older man was in a “tug a war” match with my mom over some long white cloth I think it was a blanket; I don’t know. The others were just standing in a half circle behind them not doing anything.

I instantly understand that this is a car-jacking. I take my mom’s phone which was sitting in her seat and call 911 and explain to them where I was and what was going on. I don’t remember the full conversation, but it was essential “this is 911 what is your emergency?” “I’m in the middle of being car-jacked my mother and sister are out of the car they left me in it” “there are two motorcyclists one man and one female.”

Then I told the lady on the phone what street I was on, and she told me they would be there in five minutes. I don’t remember what street we were on but, I don’t think it was a real street just an average downtown one that had shops and gas stations all the way down it.

Then after I hung up, I took my mom’s phone and started taking pictures of what was going on. Mid picture taking I woke up and the dream had ended.

Throughout the dream, I had felt unrealistically calm like I wasn’t in danger or currently the victim of a traumatizing crime. I wasn’t scared more just maybe a bit worried.

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