I call for help but there’s nobody there.

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Jimbo asked 11 months ago

Last night I dreamt that I was in a city, by a station but the trains never left the station, the place was surrounded by a major road which could not be crossed, although there was no traffic, the pedestrian underpasses could be entered but went nowhere because they were collapsed at the other end, the buildings beyond the uncrossable road were ruined, I had a desperate need to summon help to save someone, when I called the Police emergency line the call was never answered and the line was dead.

I often dream of needing urgently to call the emergency services but nobody ever answers.

Does this reflect my general feeling that I have someone desperately dependent on me, that I am surrounded by people I cannot rely upon, that I’m not achieving what I want to achieve because of my personal circumstances and inability to afford to train?

  • Dan replied 10 months ago

    You most likely have been reflecting the outer world and it’s ugliness with no solution or leaders to guide people back to gods righteousness. I think you were destined for a spiritual learning so that you may help others getting the other side as you yourself desperately seeking an escape to the other side of the track.. You should look into reuncicating worldly life and devoting yourself to doing God’s work and manifesting spirit and truth into self then others

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