Brief dream experience of flying

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Hunain Qureshi asked 1 year ago

I’ve been having all kinds of vivid dreams, amongst these I have seem to start having stronger lucid type dreams and its like I have learned to fly in my dreams. When Im in the dream I really have no awareness that I am asleep, but its like my ability to fly is very strong and common. It’s sort of like I stand there and get a weird gut feeling and instantly propel upward, sometime extremely high into the sky!

The second I wonder how I’m flying or even doubt myself a bit I come flying down to the ground and can feel it almost like real life. Throughout all of my random flying dreams, the other night I had a particularly interesting moment. I was standing in a parking lot talking to someone, with a bunch of other people standing around at a club of some sort. The guy mentioned something about flying and I instantly responded with ” I can fly!” I remember holding a pillow in my hand and stating, “all you need is one of these”.

I instantly flew into the sky and hovered above everyone and looked down like ‘I told you so!”. Nothing special but I just think its interesting I held a pillow and told the guy “all you need is one of these”. Its like I’m subconsciously closer to getting lucid and there’s something definitely going on in the inner workings of my mind and capacity to evaluate dreams. I have dreams so vivid that I wake up feeling the after shock of it and its like I was almost there, sometimes I feel like as wild and shocking as they can be all dreams are a passage way into some alternate dimension of your life/soul experience.

Sounds crazy but just a theory, I think its crazy that people dismiss dreams as random circumstances of your mind. Through my experience I have had dreams of tragic events and such that came true or happened the very next day. Ever since I believe that there is something more to the material fabric of our world. There’s something magical going on behind the scenes.

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