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marilyn asked 2 years ago

Me and my boyfriend we stop talking and texting for like a week now. I hadn’t been feeling like myself and he hasn’t bother to check whats up with me. Maybe his busy with stuff who knows. So neither one has try to make conversation. Last night I have a dream wiht my parents and him.

I was walking in the mall halls hoping to see someone, then when I sit down, out of the nowhere someone kiss me. To my surpise it was my boyfriend. The moment I saw him I got all happy and excited. Then he talk to my paarents like if they were best friends. Which seems odd to me since my dad doesn’t like who I’m dating. Then my boyfriend show me his new iphone7 and we talk and kiss. In other words we did couple stuff which we hadn’t do any of that in real life for a while now.

He even ask me why I’m mad at him which make me believe the dream was real. I don’t Know if this is a sign that I should text him and hang out. After I woke up the firts thing that pop in my head was “does this mean he miss me?” I want to see him now and do the things we use to do a while back. Someone help please!!

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glen answered 1 year ago

Difficult without knowing your age.  Your spirit will know if the interpretation is correct, or only half so, although sometimes dream messages are hard to receive.
You are seeking in a place of lesser importance than other places, yet your family is with you, which is good.  The relationship between yourself and the one you look to for legitimacy is superficial, and your father (either natural or heavenly) is aware of this.  He knows you are more important than only this but the one you look to for legitimacy does not understand this, and utilizes false intimacy and manipulation for his own gain.  
His real priority is himself (‘I’ phone) and what he can do his chat device.

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