Boyfriend dream at Concert

Crystal Fordham asked 1 year ago

I dreamed I was with my boyfriend at a concert or outdoor venue and my friends were also with us. In the dream, we start out walking together and my friend starts kidding around about liking my boyfriend.

In the dream, I brush it off and say sure. When we go into the venue they are sitting together and I am on the other side if the girl and they become very into each other. Somebody asked me did I know that’s what they were doing and I brushed it off and said they not serious. The dream then shows me my mom sitting a few rows back from us and she just looking and watching and not saying anything. When the event is over they leave each other and he is back with me. He is in the shower and I take his unplugged laptop….(kind of confusing).

Concern: I have a cheating boyfriend dream every so often just dream is different but centered around the cheating boyfriend.
Am I not paying attention to a sign. Is it me with insecurities????  Just last week i dreamed of a friend being pregnant. This usually means a new beginning on the horizon. I also dreamed of my wedding…There have been some uphill battles in the relationship to include serious financial struggles however we both agreed to hang in there because we wanted marriage.  I’m tired of being confused….please help