Black Rings in the Sky

Sailor asked 4 months ago

It starts with my family (step-mom, baby sister(2), little sister, and two little brothers) on the trampoline in the backyard. It begins to rain but no sign of thunder so we stay outside. On the trampoline is a small-yet-big little tykes-esque plastic playhouse that is cream(yellow-white¿) and a red roof that i shelter myself in from the rain. I noticed black rings form slowly yet faster than clouds in the sky.

I immediately think that it may be a tornado, but another ring appears with it, leaving a tiny space between the two. Two other ones begin to form to my right beside each other. The one to my left stops at three rings and the other two; one and two. The rings are not thick, they form in a way that makes them circular and orb-like. Everyone has noticed (us) and I begin to freak out saying that this is weird and that I don’t think we should be outside and to go in.

The orbs begin to form more rings after the brief pause and a little bit faster too. After a few more rings, all three orbs roll itself to the side that did not have rings and began forming. At this point, we’re getting off the trampoline and go onto the back porch, heading to the back door. The house is set like the house i grew up in till I was 12 or 13(currently 16) but since then moved so it would be our 3rd house from then. The orbs finished forming all rings by then and form rhombuses in a line from one end to another inside the orbs. We instinctively get closer to the walls of the house and try to go in but the doors locked, so we try to get our dads attention from inside.

While we do this, little brother 2 says something along the lines like “they can see us: they won’t like us going in” and then little brother 1 and little sister says that they are going to try the front door to which we said that its locked and that the orbs will see but they ran front anyways. There was silence and then the sound of the front door opening and closing(the noise of blinds clattering). Little sister moves the blinds slowly from the back door from inside and looks straight ahead with a dead facial expression, saying “i wonder who’s that over there.” (No one was over there) and I kept on pounding the door to get her attention to open the door whilst yelling for her to do so.

I look over to my left and little brother 1 and little sister had already came back because they said the door was locked. Then to my horror, I look at my little sister(¿) from inside the house and scream ” That’s not them!”.

I woke up immediately after that with a very fast heart rate. I have anxiety, depression, and ptsd. It is difficult for me to go to sleep and I have very weird ways to sleep due to having the irrational fear of someone stabbing a needle in the ear that faces up. I have always had trouble sleeping but recently has it gotten extremely worse that I become so paranoid at night that I can’t stop opening my eye(s) every few seconds for the fear of seeing something different or a shadow move.

Basically, it takes me to pass out from exhaustion for me to sleep. I have come to the conclusion that I have really bad paranoia as of currently when I try to sleep which would definitely be derived from my anxiety. I always had a fear of tornados due to experience(hence my first thought in-dream being tornado) and very recently waking up to my doors(my room is a renovated part of the attic, thus I have two doors leading to the attic and no closet) shaking as if someone from the inside was locked in trying to come out.

So I had to run and wake everybody up to go inside the bathroom all while no siren went off because it caught everyone off guard. Since then my body has been in-tune to weather and it is now hard for me to sleep in bad weather and if I do, literally any change in the pattern that involves the increase of anything, I will wake up involuntarily. I have never had this dream before, yet it felt like I knew it despite me inside the dream was completely clueless as to what was happening. There was no storm at all this night; hardly any wind either.

I write this as I woke up so I could jot it down because even though I remembered everything in every single detail, as the minutes passed, my memory started to fog on the conversation parts I had in the dream. One thing I would like to note that I did not mention is that when the orbs started to form, this weird and creepy ambient noise emanated from the sky.

I like horror movies (have not watched any in a hot minute though) and have heard many of the ambient noises to heighten fear while watching the movie, yet I had never heard this one before. It was a quiet yet low tone despite the rain (which stopped (or completely ignored at this point??) When we went on the porch). I have a VERY active imagination and absolutely love dreaming, taking time to dream, and despite having a hard time with it, I love sleeping. I have never had a dream wake me up in a jolt ever before except for once when I was little.

That dream was dark nothingness and a tiny dot from the center getting bigger and bigger till it was a snake quickly bowing(striking) at me. I always question my dreams and occasional nightmares but the circumstances of this one urged me to find out more about it due to me not knowing the slightest clue about it, never having it before yet feeling like I did, and the quick and intense jolt it gave me that woke me up immediately. I don’t usually have, I guess, happy dreams. I just have either weird, sad, or nightmares/scary dreams. I have no clue as to why this dream unsettled me so much. Even I know it was not exactly scary per se, but it’s been years since I had a dream jolt me awake and scare me so bad that I cry.