Black panther

Tracy asked 1 year ago

Just dreamed of panther last night.  He (yes, felt masculine in energy) was outside a sliding glass door of my home staring intensely at me, like pleading with his eye to let him in.  I was in awe and truly only slightly hesitant. Completely fearless and trusting, I sat on the floor and then slid the door open to let him in.

He came in happy, rubbing all over my legs, rolling around, purring..the way all cats do when showing love and happiness. Daily life? Glad 2016 is about done. It has been THE worst year of my life. Strangely it’s even worse than the year one of my sons passed.

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glen answered 1 year ago

You recently allow something deadly into your life, against your better judgment, though you don’t know it yet.  This is a foundational issue in your life.  It will manipulate you into giving up your strength to it.

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