Black cat with 4 eyes!

Alisha asked 4 months ago

It was night time, I was standing in a park with someone and when i turned back to go back home, i saw a black cat just sitting in front of me in the park, looking straight ahead having two eyes in the front of its head and two at it’s back (which i realized later on).

I was kind of surprised to see it as it wasn’t there earlier when i entered the park. I was not scared of it but felt weird seeing this kind of cat in my dream. Had a feeling that it was protecting me from something. It didn’t do anything just sat there.

I came close to it to pet it and to see what it was doing there and if it was ok and healthy and just when i got close to it i thought i shouldn’t disturb it and left, which is when i noticed it had 2 eyes in the back as well. That’s when i woke up.