Bird and Lizard attacking mini Dragon and Snake

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago

I was having a dream in the early hours of the morning.

My older cousin was there, and so was I. I was watching him try to shoo away this bird and lizard, both repeatedly attacking this two foot Dragon and a snake around a tree. He picked up the snake, a yellow and brown one, and move it away. It was fairly skinny. In this dream, both bird and lizard represented Christianity (I just knew this). I had told him that “They don’t like them” referring to Christians not believing Dragonfae. He hadn’t replied.

Earlier that week I had at school during religion, read Bel and the Dragon in the Bible. I’m not Christian or Catholic though. Back to the dream, the dragon being attacked had ran away, sort of a semi circle around the tree they were underneath into the direct Sunlight. What amazed me though is that when the Dragon wasn’t in direct Sunlight, it was ashy and black, but when in direct Sunlight, the Dragon glowed a beautiful yellow and orange. My cousin went back to searching the leaves when he found a dead orange and white rather fat snake with a tore on the side, like a bird tore it open.

I do know that a snake is my messenger animal, and my interpretation of this dream is that I need to focus myself to spirituality in order to flourish because right now my higher self is losing connection with me.