Being killed in a dream

Matt asked 2 years ago

So I’ll do my best to not drag it out,this took place when I was around 16 y/o the dream was/felt as real as waking life. I was fighting in a war I was in a hole dug straight down to a depth of middle rib level I was firing a 50cal chain machine gun but didn’t see the enemy the landscape was desert n a far distance ahead was a small settlement only the size of a village.

As I was firing I heard a loud single shot felt an impact on the side of my head like a bat had hit me full swing this is the weird part felt like my body was sinking couldn’t ever relax myself like I felt myself go like then saw myself lying in bed from the opposite side of the room this lasted only seconds was like was thrown at myself faster than I have the words to express woke up dripping with sweat completely WTF just happened type of thing. Any one who can help me work out what that was all about would be greatful