Being in NYC with Someone I dated

Amanda asked 5 months ago

I dreamed of being in a big city like New York City with someone I had recently dated. We were together in a train station and he suddenly left. I had the feeling he could see me and I could feel him around felt like he left and was with someone else.  I knew he was close by but I could not find him. I realized I didn’t have anything with me no phone money or ID and was completed reliant on him to somehow get home.

I stared asking people to help me and give me money to take the subway someone gave me a dollar. I then ran into a friend of mine  and was so relieved. When I asked her to help me she refused, I was utterly shocked she just said no not her problem. It was then that he returned and I was so angry I started yelling at him telling him I didn’t have a way to get home and needed was completed depended on him he said oh yeah and pulled out 50 cents from his pocket and showed it to me.

It was shiny and new hethen put it back in his pocket. I started yelling at him and hitting him and asking why he didn’t care and why didn’t he love me. He put his arms around me and started hugging me to sop me from hitting him and pulled me into his chest and said c’mon I slept with you like that was some sort of proof or justification. He then pulled me to the ground and laid on top of me not in a sexual way but like it was supposed to be comforting in some way and I kept saying it was weird that we were in the middle of public.

We then ran up and caught our train it was more like a trolly but he sat across from me the girl he had been with early who looked like me but different was next to him and then there was a warning that there was a rat on the train I pulled out a pencil for some reason like I was going to push the rat away but he took if from my hand and threw it way he then motioned for me to go over to him and I sat on his lap.

The rat looked like a mangy little dog even tho it was a rat he shoved it away and put his arm around me. And it felt like he loved me in the end or had but it was very vivid. When I woke up I heard female whispering like form the end of my bed but I could t make out it was jumbled.