Being Chased

Shawn asked 7 months ago

I was walking down the street with my brother at night time…We heard a noise, and we saw a blurred animal running towards us… My brother entered a porch an there was all kinda cats on it…They end up chasing us trying to attack us…I end up getting a hammer so everytime one would get close I would swing at it….

Then the street some how turnt into the short alley with a brown gate…By the time it turnt into the alley the sun was rising so I could tell by then it was early in the morning…I remember a long wide snake crossing our path …And somehow it ended up right next to us with its head by my brother…

So I still had the hammer, and I started to hit it on the head.At first, it was doing anything then it kinda looked like the snakehead was getting soft as it died …My brother and I were deciding on a number we were gne try to move from the snake after beating it with the hammer…

Some how the snake head turnt side ways to the point wear the snake and me were starring each other in the eyes…the eyes were like a dark yellow…So I 6eat it a couple more times with the hammer and as we backed off to run…The Snake charged at me and barely missed biting me…I closed the gate, and the dream was over ( What Does This Mean )

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