Being chased by a lioness

Sani asked 1 year ago

A lioness was in an area where I grew up as a little girl. The lioness saw me and started to chase after me. I also realized that I saw my children with me and I made sure they were safe with me as we ran away. In my dream, my children were little .. ages 3-7. My children are all grown young adults now.

As we ran, the lioness would find us. I found myself and my children in my grandparents house in the room I slept as I was a child. I had blocked the door with furniture and made my children escape out of the window. But as my kids were out the window and didn’t move. I had yelled at them to run but they just sat there. I saw the lioness breaking into the door. I was afraid for my kids and myself. It was clear dream.

I couldn’t go back to sleep thereafter