Being bitten by a snake

Sandy asked 6 months ago

Good day.
Currently I have been feeling feeling uncomfortable with a certain work Collogue, I can’t place why but each time she speaks to me shell make reference to my past in directly. This way I can never tell if its coincidence.

Two months ago I had a dream about her, she was cleaning my house and since then I’ve been asking God to protect me and my family and open my spiritual eyes and hears. Ive since kept my distance from her.

Three nights ago I had another dream, myself and this Collogue was standing on a rock in the middle of the ocean, the sea was rough I felt afraid. The dream then shifted to me getting bitten by a big yellow snake, in the dream I felt panicked and slowly lost the ability to speak, a man came pass and told me to come to his house hell give me the anti-venom and once I drank it I felt better.

After dreaming this I just feel confused. Today the same Collogue approached me speaking about a sermon she listened to about the lady caught in adultery , she knows that two years ago I had trouble in my marriage as I sinned with another man, God has since restored my family.
I Dont know what to do or how to pray about this anymore.