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Juniper Sparks asked 8 months ago

In my dream, I found out about a book that was banned. I started going to the place to read the book quite often. The book, which was called “Niechen Volts,” about a Jewish girl that lived in Germany during the time of the Holocaust. The book was banned because the government didn’t want people to know the awful things that they did to the Jewish.

I even admitted to someone else in the dream who knew what I was doing that I would have no interest in the book if it wasn’t banned. Then, I had a little accident and someone else was accused of reading the book that I had been reading. He was whipped in the street, and I felt so bad and guilty about it, but I did nothing.

Later, I was in labor about to give birth, when I realized that I had never even been pregnant; I somehow figured out that I had been raped, and my rapist thought that I could be pregnant, and he could be caught and put in jail if I was pregnant, as this would be evidence of his rape.

For this reason, he hypnotized me and altered my memory and made me think that I was pregnant because I wanted to have a baby with him because I was in love with him, as he did not want to take the risk of me being pregnant.

Because of being hypnotized to think that I was in love with him, I became so flirty and touchy with him, and people started making fun of me because of this as it was clear that I had no chance whatsoever with him, but was hopelessly in love with him.

However, as it turned out, I was never really pregnant, and the strength of my mind overcame my being hypnotized and I was able to realize that I was not in love with the guy who had raped me, and I was able to figure out who I had loved before I was ever hypnotized and my memory altered, and he admitted to loving me as well. We then embraced and kissed and got married and lived happily ever after.

That was until I had my next dream. In this dream, many years had passed after the aforementioned dream, and I was living the life of my second-grade daughter who had progeria. Having progeria, I was never accepted by my peers and though I was just like them, they often made fun of me and I was absolutely miserable.