Baby with a past lover

Linda asked 12 months ago

So last night, I had a dream that I recently gave birth. I was holding my baby girl at a church service where all my relatives where there, even ones that are no longer with us and ones that are overseas. They were all telling me that I need to tell the father of the child that it\’s his, because the baby keeps looking for her Dad. (The father of the child seems to be this guy I had brief feelings for, that never quite worked out)

I vaguely remember making my way to his house after the service, with my cousin and being told to wait as he was out with his girlfriend. When he got there, he saw me with the baby and he immediately knew it was his. Then it gets to the sad parts of the dream where his new girlfriend grabs the baby from my arms and I just remember watching them and being extremely sad. So at that point, I took the baby and told him to talk to me another time.

Somehow… he follows me home so we can talk alone. And my dad was there, then the last few moments he was talking with my dad and I just remember them sharing the same interests and getting along well. My dream ended with me watching him talk to my dad, while holding the baby and just being really sad that he\’s with someone else.