Baby dream meaning Help

Danielle asked 1 year ago

1st I actually have 2 girls,1 18yrs life with me & 1-10yrs lives with dad.
The Dream…I had a baby girl & immediately from the hospital gave her to my parents to watch because there were kids, boys, in neighborhoods who were constantly hurting me & other people. I missed her so she was maybe 2 weeks old & I brought her home. My oldest was about 10yrs in a dream.

They couldn’t get enough of each other (which was how it really was). The baby would just crack up at my oldest. The oldest took her by the hand & balanced her on her feet & was able to get the baby to take steps although the baby was only 2 weeks old.

We were so surprised I went out to the store & sure enough, those kids started harassing me and tried to hurt me. Like throwing rocks n poking with sticks. I happen to know those kids came from very large families so I thought  possibly could find a soft spot by telling them I just had a brand new baby please don’t hurt me they let me go