Athiest preacher

Debi Sporleder asked 11 months ago

I woke up around 4 a.m. and was laying there for a while before I realized I had even dreamed. Then, I realized that my brother-in-law was the pastor of the church in the dream. I knew immediately I had to get up and write it down because my brother-in-law is an atheist.
In the dream, our congregation was setting up church, again, for the week.  In real life, our church building sold last year so each week we are setting up and tearing down on Sundays in the 4-H building.

This setup was different. We were actually setting up in our old church building, which is currently a cannabis research facility! Weird. The people at the research facility had moved all their stuff outside onto the lot so the building was completely empty just so that we could use it for the week.

The workers of the place were outside, and they were dancing around all the stuff in the lot in very weird outfits. One of the owners, who was apparently not very well liked by what the workers were saying about her, was mingling with everyone outside. She seemed to be lingering around people listening to their conversations.

When we went inside, the place was completely empty. And the next scene church was essentially set up. Chairs, the stage. Then the men who were dancing outside were now inside on stage dancing with no shirts on. The pastor, my athiest brother in law, grabbed one of the men by the arm and told them they had to leave.
Next scene, they were doing baptism on the stage. The stage was so high that the people on the floor could only see the people on the stage from the neck up. One of the people getting baptized was the lady that owned the place that people didn’t like. The thing was, when she came up from her baptism, she was dry. Then I woke up