Haze asked 1 week ago

It was dark. The space was unrecognizable. I was surrounded by vicious animals (there were a few of them but all the same, just could not see what animal it was. Perhaps a big dog, or lion, something of that nature). One of these animals, held my hands bound together in its mouth and just breathed and drooled. The others just wandered in my area in no form of a threat. The one holding my hands was not threatening either. I did not try to run, I did not try to move, I was not afraid.

I recently had a family member resurface in my life as well as my ex boyfriend who wants to work things out. I don’t dream very often and when I do I usually don’t recall them. This one has not left my mind. I’m not sure if this dream is directly related to the recent events above, however I just wanted to include the most recent changes in hopes that it can help with interpretation.