Disha asked 1 year ago

First of all, I’m in this garden(I had another dreams of that place too) where a lion tries to attack me, however out of nowhere other wild animals attack back, and these animals alone would never be able to attack a lion in real life…. I was feeling quite happy seeing this power of animals that we think can’t defend themselves.Whenever I have a dream of thist garden, there’s always an animal involved, in my other dream I tried to save a bird… etc.

  • Tiffany replied 1 year ago

    I feel like this is the meaning of your dream…

    The garden represents a place of beauty and security, where your innermost self finds peace, security, and delight. A lion coming into that place would mean that it could be/ could have been compromised by something that poses a threat to your inner sense of peace. This could be another person, a life event, or maybe your own destructive thinking.

    The animals in your garden represent different strengths that bring you such peace. When this is attacked, you draw upon the strengths of all of these to guard yourself – like courage, compassion, gentleness, humility, beauty, vision.
    Continue to tend to your garden, taking care of all of those beautiful animals (love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, goodness, self-control) and they will be there to defend you when you are attacked.

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