Angels attacking

ICEL asked 1 year ago

Last week before I wake up in the morning, I dreamed that as I went out the house near the sea, I saw from afar angels that are approaching.  At first they appeared above the deep blue sea and under the dark clouds not reached by the rays of the sun.  They really look like angels wearing white robe and their wings are white.  As they were coming they were catching people swimming in the sea and throwing them up to the clouds.  I felt frightened because I heard screaming of people, so I ran away into the house and took my daughter and we just sat near the door under the stair. Then my dream stopped there and I woke up.
I was really confused about what’s the meaning of it, looks like the first part of 2nd coming of Christ.  I am a Filipino christian, attending corporate worship every Sunday and having church choir training every Saturday.  The topics that we went through were about the love and goodness of God, and about the power of praising in spiritual battle, and about worship. We did not been to a topic about the tribulation or 2nd coming of Jesus as well as I did not think about it recently before I dream such a dream.

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