An Ugly Man Was Chasing Me

Viviana Dolores Hernandez asked 9 months ago

From what i remember me and my husband were in a mall/grocery store type of place. Big and full of people and things. So we started towards a ginormous line of clothes just full of all types. My husband grabs a hand full of assorted clothes and heads towards a winding escalator full of people so it took us a while to get to what it seem like a little store we owned within the big place. So because he got tired of waiting he started climbing the winding escalator until he got to the little store. Hung up the clothes and done.

Then i unhung some clothes that we didn’t need and took it back to where we got the other clothes. I placed them in a shopping cart and has hanging them up when a man came and started placing his things within the cart. I got upset and told him i didn’t not mind just not to mix up the clothes.

I knew i was arguing with him but could bot hear myself or the man i got annoyed and walked away. Then i got to some doors and walked thru them. Then i ended up wearing just a towel. The door i walked thru led the a room of course, but opened to the outside. The people laid on the floor what i assumed enjoying the fresh air and the outside. But i just kept going from one door, each the same with people laying on the floor in towels, to another going high and higher, each room fresher than the last. Until i got to a room where this man was just staring at me all the way untill i reached another door.

But all of a sudden the last room i got to was really cold and i know it has something written on the wall, but i cant remember cant see it clearly. Then a big ugly man monster like came may way and started chasing me. As .I went back the way i came i came to some doors i couldn’t remember which i came from, but as he got closer i just slipped into the closest one, peaking from a crack i could she him so ugly and big and scary.

Then all of a sudden he approached a man a just grabbed his face and ripped it off in anger. I got so scared i didn’t know what to do. Then he spotted me thru the crack of the door and  just stared back. I couldn’t move as he continued closer i just stayed stuck and staring. Getting closer and closer, then all of  sudden my husband yanked me buy arm, ‘saving me’. And  was like it never happened. We just went back to our little store. That’s as far as i remember