A tribal group and my crush slapping my butt

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Unknown asked 9 months ago

I don’t know but I had 2 dreams in one day. The first one was about my walking home but then I took the wrong turn. then I decided to walk back but then I was in a car dump/ forest and there were tribal people sitting on the cars but they were not talking or moving. I decided to hide behind one of the cars but they noticed me and ran towards me. instead of attacking me they took my bag instead and started attacking it. I got angry and scared them away. I don’t know what this is since this is the first time I’ve had anything like this.

The second dream was about my crush. It was me, my crush and some of his friends. This is very weird but we were in a building with just doors in it but it looked like it was morning and it was dull. I noticed that my crush was checking out my butt and took advantage of it and perked my butt up more. before I knew it he had grabbed my waist and slapped my butt. by then, we were outside the building.

Outside looked to be a concrete playground. I told him to come toward me and he did. Suddenly I grabbed his wrist and slammed him to the ground. I guess I felt angry about what he did. Honestly, it quiets confused about what happened. I guess at first I was teasing him but when he slapped my butt I felt angry. can anyone tell me what it both these dreams mean or are they nothing to worry about