a prophetic dream ?

zunera ahmed asked 12 months ago

hi lately my boyfriend saw a dream.  normally he doesn’t remembers much details from his dreams and forgets most of them but this one was very vivid. he remembers each and every detail and his changing emotions as well. can it be a prophetic dream?
dream started like…..

he was standing himself on his homes balcony he was curiously watching and trying to distinguish the plants and flowers in the balcony of the house next to his…. a new family has moved in that house and it was ma family. at first he could only hear voices from that house(voice of my parents). like my father was saying to me : this place is great thanks for suggesting this place. and later he saw me i was  talking to someone on phone and he was trying to catch my lipsing but couldn’t.

he was very excited when he saw me  n it dawned on him that i am living next to him…. then i had sent him a selfie of me at messenger to show him ma new home. and he sent me his selfie too.. he was trying to make me realize that we are living next to each other.but i didn’t noticed that.
and his dream ended. n he kept sleeping he didnt wokeup after dream got over. he wokeup sometime after that. this never ever hapened to him before.
in reality we live in 2 different cities.
the place he saw him his dream was his real house and real locality.