a dream that feels like part two of one i’ve had before

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lola asked 1 year ago

This dream is one that i’ve had before but the first time happened so differently and was more of what you could say, a nightmare that i think this time was a continuation of it and even while dreaming i remembered what happened the first time so i tried to get out as soon as possible. i’ll add the comparisons to the first dream at the end. so this dream to me back to high school but the high school didn’t look like the one i went to at all. it looked more like a Japanese high school that was located in the middle of a bunch of factories.

It was as if days were passing by because i would walk out of the school with a group of friends and we’d go to a bus that was pink inside and was actually a shop and had a driver who’d always give us food and let us try on the makeup she had in the shop. my dream was just this routine for a couple of days until one day it cuts off to me sitting in a football field im guessing for pe class and looking at the huge waterslide the school brought for the day. im sitting around tying grass around my thighs and thinking to myself that if one fits that i have to go on the waterslide. one does tie around and i decide to go.

I go to buy a ticket from the teacher and there’s a guy there just standing around. he asks why the grass around my thigh and i tell him its for manifesting good luck. i ask if he’s also going to the slide and he says no then walks away. i just watch him walk away until the pe teacher tells me to go to the slide before it ends. i go and on the way there decide not to try it anymore so then im walking around the school until suddenly everything turns to mirrors. im looking around wondering why i cant find the way out and i see two people sitting in the hall, a boy and a girl. i didn’t see the girls face but the boy’s skin is like chewed gum. dream me approaches them and asks why there’s so many mirrors and the girl points at the guy and says something that sounds familiar but i cant remember what she said.

Whatever it was, it scared me and i start running around the hallways trying to find an exit. somehow dream me finds one but ends up in a different floor. in this floor the hallways are normal but there’s another girl. she has a really big hatred for me and a weapon that has spikes all over it. she also has scratches all over her face and body. she starts ranting about how i stole her crush away and how i was the reason that she has those scratches all over her body and tells me she’ll leave many scratches on me as well. i run and she stars chasing me around trying to hit me with her weapon. i find a closet and hide in it but she finds me.

She’s trying to open the door and im holding it back with all my strength. through the crack she’s swinging her weapon at me and the scratches feel so real that when i woke up i had to look at my arms to make sure they weren’t real. i decide that, that’s enough and grab her weapon and step out of the closet.

I start beating her up with it and she’s yelling out for help. she yells out for help from her crush and the other two people and then the dreams shows me a view outside where there’s a guy on top of some tall building just standing and staring at the school almost in a superhero type of way. the view goes back to me looking around wondering if he’s going to arrive. since i get distracted the girl and guy from the first floor start holding my hands back while the other girl tries to recover. at this point i know I’m somewhat doomed but i don’t know what happened since my alarm rang and i woke up.

Compared to the first time i had this dream, i had friends. from what i can remember the first time i didn’t have friends. i was known as the school loner and i guess that’s why i was an easy target. the first time in the mirror hallways, i don’t find an exit and the girl and guy catch me and take me to the closet in the second floor where the guy then forces himself onto me. the girl with the spiky weapon is there but she’s just keeping guard. this is pretty much all i can remember from it. i just remember it ending really badly for me and i wonder if it has any meaning to it.